What is a Thrive Story?

Narrating the future you want

How do you make sense of life and portray it in words? Like prescription lenses, stories shape the way we see ourselves and act in the world.

A Thrive Story pulls imagination into life with a ripple of positive action. It is honest and magical. It encapsulates your values and purpose in a meaningful and engaging way. It conveys who you are, what you value, what you do and how you do it.

Thrive Story is a big new story we create together - about our connection to each other and to nature. It's shared and created in small parts. Each story shifts our attention to the things that really matter. Choosing to thrive rather than survive takes a shift in perspective and imagination. The good news is, when we start to look, we see thrive stories emerging all around.

Join me in crafting a new story for humanity in the web of life, with all the richness and diversity of thrivability.

Thrivability is the intention and practice of aligning organisations with how living and people systems thrive. Crafting your story and messages to be part of a larger narrative enables you and your organisation to identify partners and collaborators that amplify your social and environmental impact.

Storytelling has been, and continues to be, the foundation of human culture. Oral storytelling is one of the first “technologies” because it permits the retention, transformation, accumulation, and transmission of experience through time – in a holistic and integrated way.

Thrive Story acknowledges traditional custodians, the Aboriginal and First Nations people of Australia who have sustainably managed and cared this land for thousands of years. We pay respect to elders past present and emerging. We are on Country where Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander sovereignty has never been ceded.


Thrive Story is inspired by the land that gives us life.

“Active Hope is not wishful thinking.

Active Hope is not waiting to be rescued . . . .by some savior.

Active Hope is waking up to the beauty of life on whose behalf we can act.

We belong to this world.

The web of life is calling us forth at this time.

We’ve come a long way and are here to play our part.

With Active Hope we realize that there are adventures in store, strengths to discover, and comrades to link arms with.

Active Hope is a readiness to discover the strengths in ourselves and in others; a readiness to discover the reasons for hope and the occasions for love.

A readiness to discover the size and strength of our hearts, our quickness of mind, our steadiness of purpose, our own authority, our love for life, the liveliness of our curiosity, the unsuspected deep well of patience and diligence, the keenness of our senses, and our capacity to lead.

None of these can be discovered in an armchair or without risk.”

Joanna Macy

Thrive Story acknowledges the First Nations People as the traditional custodians of this land.

We pay our respects to their Elders, past, present and emerging.

And honour their storytellers and their stories.