About Thrive Story

Stories that connect

We bring organisations to life with a way of working where people and nature thrive.

Join me in crafting a new story for humanity in the web of life, with all the richness and diversity of thrivability.

Thrive Story catalyses positive change through consulting, performance, stories, events and writing.

Humanity needs a new story of our connection in the web of life rather than the conqueror of nature. Choosing to thrive rather than survive takes a shift in perspective and practice. The good news is, when we start to look we see thrive stories emerging all around.

Stories, like prescription lenses, shape and define our worldview. We support leaders in business, government and the community to bring an ecological world view into their own life, the mission and practice of their organisation. We nurture the instinctive bond between human beings and other living systems that is often neglected in today’s high speed digital world.

Are you ready to find a new story that grows human empathy, wisdom and an ecosystem where life thrives?

Our passion and purpose is thrivability

Life creates the conditions for life. Thrive Story's purpose is to strengthen the health and potential of our world to regenerate itself, the conditions for a thriving future for humans and all life. (Plessis & Brandon, 2015 ). We work with you to move towards thrivability - where your impact enhances the integrity, beauty and regenerative capacity of the living community you touch.

Thrive Story has minimal environmental impact from its operations. Our electricity is 100% renewable. We offset the carbon footprint of our gas and travel. Most travel is by public and active transport. Our office is a building made entirely of locally sourced reused and found materials.

Thrive Story is a for purpose-enterprise. We support other for-purpose businesses through pro-bono work with Happy Startup School Sydney, Storytellers NSW, and Wollemi Common. We also host community gatherings and perform stories for the public and specialist audiences.

The Thrive Story approach

  • A fresh perspective with serious credentials. We combine soft skills such as the ancient art of oral storytelling with hard skills from behavioural science, environmental economics, the utilities sector, infrastructure asset management, and policies for climate action and fiscal management.
  • A common narrative for greater impact. Thrive Story takes sustainability to the next level with an overarching narrative of thrivability that is inspirational, aspirational and positive. Thrivability is the intention and practice of aligning organisations with how living and people systems thrive. Crafting your story and messages to be part of a larger narrative enables you and your organisation to identify partners and collaborators that amplify your social and environmental impact. Our approach draws on academic research in behavioural science with ancient wisdom conveyed through myths and folktales.
  • Tapas Tales - oral storytelling. Tapas Tales are small tasty stories of the thrivability narrative. We can work with you to create a Tapas Tale for you, your organisation or project. Oral storytelling is one of the first “technologies” because it permits the retention, transformation, accumulation, and transmission of experience through time – in a holistic and integrated way. Storytelling has been, and continues to be, the foundation of human culture.
  • Beautiful presentation on multiple platforms. Thrive Story collaborates with partners in graphic design and digital storytelling to bring your communications to life across a variety of formats and platforms.